Get Results,
Reclaim Your Life

Get Results,
Reclaim Your Life

Aquatic Rehabilitation Center is an easily accessible healthcare facility for people rehabilitating after illness or injury. The facility features handicap-accessible locker rooms and customized changing areas for people who need assistance from an accompanying aide or family member. The staff at Aquatic Rehabilitation Center provides one-on-one therapy, training, and supervision to guide our patients towards their personalized rehabilitation goals. Our pool is equipped with a propulsion adjustable current generator which provides a block of current specific to the needs of our patients. The pool also has an in-water bench to allow patients to rest, and the water temperature is kept warm at 92°F.

Our Services

Modern Office Space

We are an independent Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehabilitation Facility In Brooklyn, NY


Aquatic Rehabilitation Center provides first-class equipment for all our patients.

Swimming Pool

Our Facility is Equipped with Special ADA Accessible Therapy Pool that is kept at a comfortable temperature of 92F.

Continuous Care

We strive to provide best professional and continuous care to our therapy patients.